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 While most the builds middle around making funds, such as mining and fishing skills, the rest mostly revolve around a kind of damage-dealing character, whether it be player versus player(PvP) battling or player versus surroundings (PvE) fighting, which is the default name for a build focusing around fighting the monsters of the game.
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Runescape is kind of older compared to recent generation of MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role playing game) like World of Warcraft(WoW), there's still a variety of builds that Runescape players are familiar with. The builds are not sorted by skills point like other RPG's, but they are determined by how much hard work and time the RS player spends leveling his character up (power-leveling).

In Runescape, a character devotes all of his time leveling aspect is called a "pure". There's three main types of Runescape pure accounts: combat pure, skill pure, and quest pure.

 all of pures are combat pures, who concentrate on battle oriented skills, such as range and strength. An additional explanation can be found on our Runescape combat pure page.

As mentioned before, skill pures revolve not around fighting but making gold in Runescape. Visit our page on Runescape skill pure accounts for more knowledge. They are played chiefly for relaxing and fun, while trying to amass as much gold as feasible.

The last type of pure account is a search pure. Quest pures try to complete as plenty of quests as feasible while maintaining low levels in skills. A more detailing explanation can be found on our Runescape quest pure accounts page.

runescape skiller 2012

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