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Runescape F2p Mage Pure Guide 2012

Runescape Magic Pures are accounts that are created for the complete purpose of training magic skills, while purposely keeping other runescape combat skills at a maximum, to be more effective in PvP combat. Runescape Mage Pures are now extremly powerful in the Wilderness area, with the reintroduction of PvP. Mage Pures can hit lots of destroy at low levels, ideally killing their target before they have a chance to escape. We will show you how to get money for training your mage pure and how to effectively train your mage pure without gaining unnecessary combat levels
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The first thing Mage Pures can do to make funds is complete the Strong-hold of Player Safety and Strong-hold of Security for 22K (11k from each). One time you have trained as far as you can on your first 20k, you could collect Red spiders' eggs in the Varrock sewer or the runes in the Dark Knights' Fortress..

In the event you can get your cooking to 32 (which is simple), you can collect Chocolate bars, Cooking apples and Grapes in the Cooks Guild for 10K to 20K an hour. Alternatively, mining still turns a pleasant profit beginning at low levels. All you require is something that will get you funds to get to level 33 Magic when a profitable spell becomes available.

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