Runescape Pker Account_7236

To receive your account please enter an email we can contact you at and a message describing which account details you choosen and why you should get the account! *Please Note* Once you complete an offer and you don't receive an email, wait awhile to complete another offer so you have a higher chance of winning the account you choosen!


  1. my email is :D i just want a free acc website that works please :)send it to me :D the acc i chose was the highest lvl 1 with over 2k overal lvls

  2. Just won the acount with 30 defence pk account email is:

  3. my email is plz help me have a fun experience playing runescape

  4. yeah sorry forgot to say account 4 i picked on 26/10/2012
    cheers Goodluck everyone :)


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