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You can become a high level on runescape easily following guides and the hacks and cheats that are available here.  Use RS power leveling to boost up your skills including rs mining, rs herblore, rs fishing and more.

Part 1: From Level 3-25 Easy

Level 3 to 15:

You should head up to the east Varrock bank. In the event you follow the path I drew on the map this will lead you to where you need to go. When your in the building make sure your on the assault that gives you "Attack XP" you can see if it does by hovering your mouse over it.

You will need to click every time to assault on these dummies, Well because there dummies they don't fight back. Train your assault untill it is at level 8, When you have gained level 8 assault you ought to be combat level five at least. You are now completed with this step and you won't be able to gain exp from attacking the dummies.

Go to your spell book and use the spell "Teleport to Lumbridge" There follow the path I give you to the goblins! Switch your assaults so you will be receiving "Strength XP" and then go assault the level two spiders and goblins. Make sure to pick up on everything they drop and bury the bones. Keep attacking goblins until you are at 22-23 strength, After this switch so will gain "Defense XP" level this to five and then back to Assault and level that to at least ten!

You should be around level 15-16 after all that!

Level 15-25 

Make definite not to run out of food, In the event you run out, cease training and go get some! I don't need you loosing your gear. The Closest bank in the event you have some in there is in the Falador bank that you went threw coming up to the village.

If you have the money or the skill to go and get full steel and a black scimitar go ahead! After you have followed the path I have given you, you will need to raise your defense to twenty. After that has been obtained work your assault to twenty. After you have reached the desired goals for defense and assault, raise your strength to 25.

Congratulations your level 25! 

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  1. Seriously? reaching level 25 was easy as hell... i don't think anyone needed a guide for it. Then again, noobs are noobs... Thanks for the guide, i'm sure it helped a lot of noobs out. lol


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