Runescape Melee accounts And Guide

High melee runescape accounts with High level Equipment: 

The Abyssal vine whip is a very strong melee weapon to save your armour, by attaching a Whip vine to an Abyssal whip the powerful weapon is created. It requires a level 85+ Attack and level 80 Slayer to wield its use. The Runescape Abyssal vine whip is essentially an upgrade over the powerful and popular Abyssal whip, it has slightly higher stats, a chance to inflict poison on opponents and a unique special attack. The Abyssal vine whip stands among the most powerful weapons in all of RuneScape.

Special Attack: The RS weapon has a Special attack, called Vine call, and it uses 60% of the special attack bar. When the special for an "Abyssal vine whip" is executed, vines display under your opponent which hit there melee damage at the speed of space-ships. This special attack only works if your opponent keeps standing on the same location which the vine is on and gives 10 hits to your opponent. If your in a multi-combat area the abyssal vine attack will hit multiple players.

 The Armadyl godsword (AGS) is a mighty powerful double-handed melee weapon discovered, and is by far one of the four godswords (Bandos Godsword,Saradomin Godsword,Zamorak Godsword). Like all god-swords, it requires you to have level 75+ attack to use. The special attack called, Judgement, consumes 50% special attack and deals 25% extra damage, making it considered to be the strongest of the godswords. It is the godsword of the Armadyl alliance and can be created by adding an Armadyl hilt to a completed godsword blade. The Armadyl hilt is a very rare item in rs dropped by Kree'arra in the God Wars Dungeon area.

The Armadyl Godsword's swords special attack ,judgement, drains about 50% of the bar, while inflicting 25% more damage than the normal attack. Under perfect circumstances, it has been able to hit up to 1189 damage. It's usually deployed as a special attack weapon in the Wilderness, along with Dragon claws.

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