Monday, 25 June 2012

Runescape Accounts 2012-2013

We have a quantity of high level runescape accounts that we get either by ex-runescape players, donated, or runescape accounts for trade. Best of all, we offer these runescape accounts to you 100% NO Charge, So still looking for rs accounts?!

All you have to do is signup as a member of the site and take care of the account! We have many users who want to buy our runescape accounts but we charge no price at all for the characters you recieve once signed up on the verification page. You can see a list of some of the runescape levels we do have, we have a range from super pk accounts,Pure runescape accounts, and Magic Runescape accounts.

We do NOT have Runescape Accounts for trade.
We do NOT have Runescape Accounts for sale.
We do NOT have Runescape Accounts for cheap.
YES! We have Runescape Accounts for free.

No selling/buying of runescape accounts so please don't ask just sign up!


if your interested in an account need to confirm yourself below! In case you receive an account you do not like than e-mail us back.

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